Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vote to tell me which article to write for Today's Christian Woman!

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Hi All,
Got my office somewhat cleaned and equipment packed for the Laguna Beach Conference, which starts on Nov 5th. Pray for all the women attending from around the US, Canada, and Australia!

VOTE TODAY: I need help deciding which article to write -- it's due before I leave for Laguna. You can hear my description of the choices on the Audio BLOG. HELP!

BTW, apparently this free blogging service is discontinuing soon, so we may be forced off-line for a bit. Don't know when. Do you know of any other providers?

I am boldly asking for you to pray also for a Web Optimizer to donate his/her time to help position us higher up in GOOGLE/YAHOO searches and for funding for a 2007 full-time secretary.

More to clean...always more to clean!