Saturday, February 26, 2011

In-between Time

Are you good at taking a break? At being in-between projects? At allowing yourself to enjoy the time of refreshment and rejuvenation that God has provided after a hard season and before the next difficult task? As I catch myself in-between writing the three books for Group Publishing in Maui (2010), I wonder if I've thoroughly enjoyed the downtime in Jan/Feb 2011 prior to the full-on launching of those books in March. Yes, I've visited my sister in WA for 9 days, my grandsons in CO for 2 weeks, my daughter/dad/bros/sisters in CA for a month -- and yes, I seem to be sitting more in God's presence, but have I truly laughed, smiled, and played more -- or am I still the same "serious-minded" soul that forgets to exhale when the pressure is off for a moment? Here's to exhaling, singing, dancing, laughing, smiling, playing more -- when God provides those golden opportunities. WHAT ABOUT YOU? HOW ARE YOU AT BEING IN-BETWEEN THE HEAVY-DUTY STUFF OF LIFE?! Just curious.