Sunday, December 23, 2007

Every person has a story

The longer I am on earth, the more convinced I am that every person has an incredible story to tell. Just today, I saw my friend's 3-ft scar (not kidding) where a football-size malignant tumor was removed a few days ago. My other friend was sick her entire 2007 pregnancy and had to quit work; now that the baby is one-month old, she and her husband are facing foreclosure on their CA home, because they haven't been able to sell it in this bad market. Another friend did the eulogy at her beloved grandmother's funeral a few days ago, and another watched her dad be hospitalized unexpectantly two weeks ago. One friend just revealed that she is $100k in debt by a sudden turn of the marketplace. Another is bitter and broken over a horrid argument that went downhill fast with relatives. And, most know that our dear author friend, Ken Blanchard, lost his home in our recent fires.

So...with this rendition of sorrowful situations am I trying to say that my 2008 New Year's message to you is that LIFE IS HARD? No! You are already well aware of that fact. You could curl my hair with your own stories and those of your friends, I'm sure!

My message to myself and to each one of us is to take good care of those who need encouragement and/or a helping hand in 2008. My message is BE KIND to one another. And, to do that, we must strive daily to be holy -- because Christ is holy and he calls us to be like him. My message is to remind people that God holds our story (his-story; history) in HIS HANDS!

I would love for you to BLOG a response to me of 3-4 sentences that is a PRAYER OF ENCOURAGEMENT to anyone who may be reading or for anyone with whom God plans to have you cross paths this month. What would you (hypothetically and literally) say to someone who doesn't understand that God cares deeply about his/her story? Does a favorite Scripture come to mind? (Hands down, mine has got to be Matthew 14:27 - "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid.")

May God blessings be evident to you and all whose lives you touch this New Year, dear BLOGGER-FRIENDS!