Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greetings from Maui

I've come to the conclusion that to LIVE BIG (which is the name of my most recent book that purports to have some answers in it on this topic) really have to live small. I know that may not make sense at first blush, but here's the gist of what I have discovered in the past six months that I wish had made it into the book before it was published:

I'm living in a 650 sq. ft. condo in Maui. My daughter and her husband (newly married) are renting my CA place from me. I have left my car on the mainland with a young couple from church who only had one car, so I ride a $129 blue Lady's Beach Cruiser bike (love it!!) and take a bus wherever I want to go. I only buy what I can carry in my bike basket or backpack. My church is a little 1850's Hawaiian chapel that seats 70 people and sings/prays sometimes in Hawaiian. My entertainment is a movie at the theater every 3 months or a rental for $3.99 from ITunes --and a daily swim in the ocean. I only eat out once or twice a month for a delicious burger, unless I have family visiting! I have 3-4 casual outfits in the closet and wear flip flops most days...unless I'm in tennis shoes out for a walk. I brought over 100 lbs of "my stuff" (lots of that was for our September training event here), and the rest fits in a CA storage unit that is a 5' x 10'. I gave tons away to family, friends, and Goodwill -- before I moved. get the idea. I live a very simple life, and frankly, I CAN'T REMEMBER when I have been this happy or productive! (Am on an Oct 31st deadline writing a DVD Curriculum for Youth, a parent trade book, and a student devotional trade book.) True, I'm looking at the ocean when I type -- and I understand that is a huge part of my joy. But, my conclusion is this:


Tell me what you think? Does this sound right to you, or am I just awestruck at the beauty of the Islands? Trust me, I thank God a zillion times a day for the location, but with that out of the equation, is my conclusion correct? (Sure don't want God to test my simplicity theory by moving me; would rather have you help me sort out my thoughts!)

Mahalo for sharing your thoughts,