Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Do you agree with Dr. Gary Collins about "How to Evaluate Your Vision"?!

Let me know what you think of this list?!


Each vision is unique, but clear, God-given visions will have these similar characteristics:

Consistent with Scripture. No vision from God will violate any biblical teaching. Every vision for an individual or organization is consistent with God's plans as recorded in God's Word.

Consistent with your spiritual gifts, values, and passion.

Worthwhile. God-given visions are worth living for, sacrificing for, committing to, and maybe even worth dying for.

Clear and concise. They are easy to understand, remember, and communicate.

Characterized by high ideals. Every good vision must include commitment to excellence, integrity, respect for people, and similar values.

Ambitious. The best visions will guide, often amaze, and move people forward toward something much better than the status quo.

Scary. God-given visions can be life-changing, pulling us out of our comfort zones, instilling awe, stretching us beyond what we may see as our limits.

Unique. Does your vision really reflect who you are? If people who know you well are surprised by your vision, you probably don't have the right vision. And if your vision is the same as everyone else's vision, something is wrong.

Compelling. Visions feel right. They excite, motivate, and generate enthusiasm. The more you reflect on the vision the more you are convinced that this is what you have to do. If your vision brings a "ho-hum" response from others, something is wrong. If it doesn't inspire you, forget it. Visions that don't inspire aren't God-given visions.

Gary Collins, Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality: Christian Coaching. (NavPress, 2001): 126. [Dr. Collins is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of more than 50 books.]