Saturday, November 03, 2007

What is something unique that you have been grateful for in 2007?!

Hi there,

As we are in the month of celebrating our American Thanksgiving and 2007 comes to a screeching halt very soon, I would be blessed to hear from you about what unique thing you are grateful for today. Many could say that they are grateful for a personal relationship with Christ, good health, family, grandchildren, a good job, a reliable car, a roof over our head, friends, etc in the general category, but I'm hoping to hear something more unique and specific to your life!

My gratitude is huge this year for the growing part-time staff/consultants we have brought aboard in 2007: CEO/CMO Bill, President of our Men's Division Jeff, Executive Director Linda, Assistant Webmaster Jeremy, Trademark Attorney Mike, 501(c)3 Attorney Tim, Brand Consultant Ty, Web Designer Pat, Newsletter Editor Kathy, and Personal Assistant Julie! Combining this with our Webmaster Andy, Graphic Designer Mary, and Accountant Mike -- who joined us in 2005, I am one happy camper -- and oh, so grateful to God for each of these bright, creative, dedicated Christian workers!

I'm also very grateful that the fire season is nearly over!

What about you? I'd love to hear from you.