Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy New Year - Welcome 2009 in style!

The last part of 2008 has been a rocky road for me -- with crazy things like credit card fraud while the card was still in my wallet, lost luggage for 36 hours with my laptop battery in it, a flat tire on one of the busiest days of my life, numb hands that don't work without electrodes
zapping them, crashed computer (that one was totally my fault for plugging in a wrong cable! GGRR!), virus on a loaner-computer, leaky water heater which left me with no hot water for 5 days and showering at the community pool, book deadline in the next 50 days -- and trying to teach for Rockbridge Seminary and sit on a 2-day Jury Selection process while physically and emotionally helping my son's family move to Colorado and my daughter move to a neighboring county in CA.
But...what I learned during this odd season is that as I was tempted to throw a pity party, all I had to do was to ask others how they were doing to have my eyes really opened! I was so often
humbled by really tough situations in other's lives. For example, two friends lost their houses this week; another friend's husband is today having tests for possible colon cancer; and another friend's husband lost his job.
May I urge you during this New Year to be like Christ who cared deeply about the trials of others. Take the time to ask the all-important question: Do you have any prayer requests!? You will be forever blessed by asking the question and then praying for others. BTW, I often ask a waitress/waiter serving a meal: "We are about to offer thanks for this meal you have served us. Is there any prayer request we can include for you?"
But, if you try that, I must warn you to brace yourself. The last time I asked a waitress that question, she said to us: "Yes, please pray for my twin infant boys who were just born a few days ago and have to stay in the hospital for three more weeks. I'm really worried about them."
People are hurting. OFFER TO PRAY FOR THEM! You will make the birth, life, and death of Jesus more tangible for them and for yourself. May 2009 bring God's best for you and your family! And, may the prayers you offer on behalf of others change your life forever.
Katie Brazelton
Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®