Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Any summer birthdays out there?!

We just celebrated Brazelton Weekend for Grandpa B (82), my son Andy (turning 28), and my sister-in-law, now 37 -- and I've known her since she was 5! We had all the festivities and finest dining on pizza. And, it would not have been complete without at least one screaming 3-yr-old who didn't want to cooperate with the professional photographer for 2 hours of family photos! Ah, yes, family get-togethers. I think I'm still hearing the screams 3 days later!

Carter, my grandson, hit the BIG ONE this summer -- back in late June. There must have been 100 people gathered in a local park for his birthday bash and baby dedication. Once again, there was pizza...but this time -- the boxes filled an entire picnic table. My job was to "secure the tables at 6am" -- so we would be assured of shade at noon. So, I sipped on Starbucks and had a fantastic Quiet Time out in the fresh summer air -- while I gave an evil eye to anybody who ventured too close to my staked-out and claimed TABLE TERRITORY.

And...I had a blast for my 57th birthday in June. I have absolutely no memory of what we did to celebrate (comes with the aging process, ladies!) -- but the kids say we enjoyed a lovely meal and a movie. I should ask them if I enjoyed the movie, ya?

What about you? Any bday fun going on this summer -- for the young or old in your life? For yourself? For the good, the bad, and the ugly?