Sunday, May 04, 2008

This Month's Coaching Focus: When to Say Yes to a Ministry

This Month's Coaching Focus:
When to Say Yes to a Ministry

Because each one of us is already over-committed, it is very important that we set healthy boundaries for ourselves in ministry. Of course, we say yes to short-term ministry obligations when there is a great need, but these tips are targeted at long-term ministry commitments. These are the types of tips a Life Purpose Coach® would use with you:

Say yes when...

1. You have done an honest appraisal of the time commitment.
2. Your skills/talents/abilities match the task.
3. You will be operating in your spiritual giftedness.
4. You know that it is the correct season of your life to serve in this capacity.
5. You have pure motives for serving in this area.
6. You have been affirmed by other mature Christians.
7. You will have a support system.
8. You have some semblance of balance in your life.
9. You believe there will be noticeable fruit of changed lives.
10. You know that the ministry's methodogy works or can be tweaked.
11. You can surrender it all to God.
12. You sense that you "can't not" do it.
13. You have prayerfully sought God's will and have a green light to proceed.

vs. Opportunity knocks and you walk through the door out of guilt, duty, or an impure motive!

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