Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Any summer birthdays out there?!

We just celebrated Brazelton Weekend for Grandpa B (82), my son Andy (turning 28), and my sister-in-law, now 37 -- and I've known her since she was 5! We had all the festivities and finest dining on pizza. And, it would not have been complete without at least one screaming 3-yr-old who didn't want to cooperate with the professional photographer for 2 hours of family photos! Ah, yes, family get-togethers. I think I'm still hearing the screams 3 days later!

Carter, my grandson, hit the BIG ONE this summer -- back in late June. There must have been 100 people gathered in a local park for his birthday bash and baby dedication. Once again, there was pizza...but this time -- the boxes filled an entire picnic table. My job was to "secure the tables at 6am" -- so we would be assured of shade at noon. So, I sipped on Starbucks and had a fantastic Quiet Time out in the fresh summer air -- while I gave an evil eye to anybody who ventured too close to my staked-out and claimed TABLE TERRITORY.

And...I had a blast for my 57th birthday in June. I have absolutely no memory of what we did to celebrate (comes with the aging process, ladies!) -- but the kids say we enjoyed a lovely meal and a movie. I should ask them if I enjoyed the movie, ya?

What about you? Any bday fun going on this summer -- for the young or old in your life? For yourself? For the good, the bad, and the ugly?



Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
My name is Tammy and I have just discovered the Pathway to Purpose website! I read the Pathway to Purpose book in March of this year, and followed along with the Personal Journal. I have to say that it was definitely life changing for me. I have just purchased the Conversations on Purpose book, as I have been considering doing a study group on your book with some ladies from my church. After looking through the book I thought that I might check out your website, and I am so happy that I did!! I have felt a call to ministry since childhood, however, I chose to ignore this calling for many years, and although God has blessed my life in countless way, I have always carried the guilt of thinking I would never be able to fulfill my real purpose in life. Reading your book helped open my eyes to the fact that I am still able to be used by God regardless of the path that has brought me thus far. Since March I have chosen to quiet my spirit and try to listen to what God was speaking to me, and follow where he is leading me to go. When I visited your website, and viewed the information on Life Purpose Coaching I felt a tugging in my spirit that I know can be nothing other than the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me, as I meditate, and talk to God about whether or not this is the path that he is calling me to take. Thank you for following your purpose in life, and therefore touching the lives of so many other women around the world, including myself.

Katie Brazelton said...

Praying with you, all the way, Tammy. God bless!

Carol...if you are reading this...we tried to post both of your comments, but for some reason they are not showing up. I'm so sorry! We don't know where they went -- but I did thoroughly enjoy reading about your summer!


Rhoda said...

Our family celebrated two birthdays this month. The birth of Lucy Jo my 7th grandchild, 6th girl and the one year birthday of "God's View, Annabelle's Legacy" the email devotional group that was started as a result of my granddaughter, Annabelle Erin's, home going to live with Jesus.

Lucy Jo's birth was in no way overshadowed by Annabelle's departure because in this one year 9 groups have been started to carry on Annabelle's legacy of staying closely connected to God as our life source, enabling us to wait and rise above as described in Isaiah 40:31 especially in times of despair. Our God is a good God!

Snohomish, WA

Diane OConnor said...

Hi Katie-
My grandaughter, Madison will turn FIVE on Saturday! We are so blessed to have our son & his family of 5 move back to town. He is our new Director of Student Ministries. Never in a million years did I expect to see one of our children move back to our small town in central Wisconsin- and to have him on the same lead team with me at CLF is absolute amazing! God is so good! And I am so enjoying all the wonderful women God is weaving into my life through LPCC! See you in Kauaii~

maricel carpio said...

I'm Maricel Carpio from the Philippines. I just turned 31 last July 22. And what did God give me/us for a gift? A coming baby! I'm 5 months pregnant today and I hope to give birth on January 14 next year. This will be our second child.This child is an answer to God's promise to us way back 2003 after performing a miracle on our first child. He was diagnosed with a rare brain disease, but to the doctor's surprise, it was not simply there anymore. PRAISE GOD!

kathy said...

Hi Rhoda...
You are right - Our God is a good God! You've had some very precious celebrations this past month. Thank you so much for sharing about your new granddaughter, and about little Annabelle's story. Talk about a life purpose. Isn't it just like our God to use a little child to bring others so much closer to His heart? Your testimony of His presence with you during this difficult time is an encouraging reminder of His ever present renewing strength. God bless you, and all those who are in the devotional groups, and may this year bring even more growth to His glory!
Kathy Butryn

LaVerne Roberts said...

Hi Katie~
We celebrated (my husband and I) a BIG birthday this spring and our children had a summer birthday party for us in July. My husband and I have the same birthday, same year, same afternoon!

I am almost complete with Level 1 training and looking forward to Level 2. I plan to go through the process with my LPC, Geri Swingle. I am excited that she is in Kaui getting spiritually fed and inspired with the rest of you.

Holding you and the rest of the coaches up in prayer~
LaVerne Roberts, OH

Tonia said...

Hi Katie,
I don't have a summer birthday, but my baby girl will turn 18 this weekend while 700 miles away at college! We are missing her, but excited that she is following God's path for her life and can't wait to see where He leads her!
I am looking forward to continuing my own journey with God as I enroll in the Level One training program! I recently completed writing an 8-week Bible study entitled - God's Path to Purpose: Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Design and now have the privilege to be teaching it to several ladies groups in my church. Can't wait to see what's next for me on God's path!!