Saturday, November 03, 2007

What is something unique that you have been grateful for in 2007?!

Hi there,

As we are in the month of celebrating our American Thanksgiving and 2007 comes to a screeching halt very soon, I would be blessed to hear from you about what unique thing you are grateful for today. Many could say that they are grateful for a personal relationship with Christ, good health, family, grandchildren, a good job, a reliable car, a roof over our head, friends, etc in the general category, but I'm hoping to hear something more unique and specific to your life!

My gratitude is huge this year for the growing part-time staff/consultants we have brought aboard in 2007: CEO/CMO Bill, President of our Men's Division Jeff, Executive Director Linda, Assistant Webmaster Jeremy, Trademark Attorney Mike, 501(c)3 Attorney Tim, Brand Consultant Ty, Web Designer Pat, Newsletter Editor Kathy, and Personal Assistant Julie! Combining this with our Webmaster Andy, Graphic Designer Mary, and Accountant Mike -- who joined us in 2005, I am one happy camper -- and oh, so grateful to God for each of these bright, creative, dedicated Christian workers!

I'm also very grateful that the fire season is nearly over!

What about you? I'd love to hear from you.


Carmin Wharton said...

I am thankful that God saw fit to allow me to live on the earth at this time as the person that I am. I am thankful that I have another day and can begin again. I am thankful that God sees me as His divine creation and that He wants to bless me with the desires of my heart. I am thankful for coming through the parents I came through. I am thankful for healthy children and a healthy grandchild. I am thankful that my nephew's twin daughters were born this past week. I am thankful for a wonderful group of supportive and true friends. I am thankful for life, health and strength. I am thankful that I live in America; with all of it's faults, it is still the greatest country in the world. I am thankful that God let me live long enough to accomplish so many goals and to set others. I am thankful for prosperity in it's many forms (money, time, family, health, friendship). I am thankful that I can worship God openly. I am thankful for technology which allows believers to share encouragement (such as this blog) all over the world. The list is endless - but you get the picture.

God bless.

Carmin Wharton is a relationship coach, professional speaker, entrepreneur, and the author of Lessons Learned: While Looking for Love in All the Wrong FacesTo learn more about how you can book Carmin to speak, network with her, or to learn more about the book, log onto or

Anonymous said...

2007 has been a year of 'pruning' as I entered paid ministry work at our church. Income, attitudes, the pace of my days have all been reshaped under the Vinedresser's loving hands.

I am thankful for the reshaping of my life and the blessings it has brought to me and my family.

DebW said...

Hi Katieb you world traveler you!
I know that this may sound funny but we have a second Dachshund two years old that I got free from a breeder because she was too small for a litter. She had 3 pups and it nearly killed her. Anyway, this little girl who came to us as Trouble now called Pebbles is just a joy. Her heart is so pure, just wanting to love me and be by me because I am special to her. When I go to get the mail and come back in she is excited like I have been gone for hours. I call her my little love bug. Her little simple heart shows me how easy love is to get and give. This little 5 pound dog shows me the true meaning of love and how laying in the rays of the sun can be total contentment. Deborah White

sarah said...

Hello Katie,

I am thankful for unwavering, unending love from God. I've often thought about how devastating it would be to navigate this life without the grace, blessings, protection and unmerited favor of our Lord and savior.

I am thankful for life, and all the wonderful opportunities God offers us each and everyday. It may be a divine appointment with someone who touches my heart or watching a deer majestically walking down my street, unafraid. There are lessons, everywhere, to be learned.

I'm thankful for my church family. I've learned so much in the 6 years I've attended this particular church. God's annointing is, without a doubt, there.

I'm thankful that God has a plan and purpose for my life, and that I'm never too old to learn, to start again, or to be a blessing to someone. Chances are awesome!

Have a blessed month and Thanksgiving!


Linda K. said...

Thank you for your warm welcome, and notes of encouragement many have sent to me! I'm thankful and grateful to be here @ LPCCI, and look forward to helping others discover the gifts, talents, and abundant life that God has planned for you! Then, to be in a position to help you through the process of helping others do the same as a Coach or Facilitator!


I am grateful to be alive. After being recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, each day is even more precious to me and my "thank you God for a new morning" is more genuine. I start each day excited about blessing someone with an encoraging word, a sincere smile or a little line of my favorite song that I hum throughout the day.

Mary said...

I am thankful that God provided the finances for me to enroll in the life purpose coach training. I am grateful to have my health back after losing 112 pounds - I think that is unique in a time when gastric bypass and lapband are so prevalent but I did it the old fashioned way. I am grateful for my family. I am thankful that I have outlived the dire predictions related to the obesity-related illnesses and that I now have no health problems, and on no medications. I thank God for the other life purpose coaches such as Rosalie Garde and Kelly Thorne who inspire me.
Mary P.

Lisa K. said...

Yes, Katie, I DO have something unique and specific that I am grateful for. Her name is Carol, and she is my supervisor at work. She is a rough n gruff control freak, doesn't like me one tidly wink, and would rather that the office had not grown enough to necessitate hiring me. Carol is a challenge to work with, but most definately a gift from Jesus, because He is using Carol to show me how He has popped me from the other side of insecurity (an unfortunate foundation I have lived the MAJORITY of my life from) to being SECURE in my identity in Christ...HUGE transition/realization for me!!!! And the daily grace he gives me to interact with Carol has been another fantabulous gift I am grateful for. Hallelujah Lord - You are THE BEST.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Katie & all bloggees! This is my first-time-ever on a blog - tee hee! Watch for me as I complete my Life Purpose Coaching pre-requ's and get my application in!

Lisa Kirchhoffer

lifeoflove said...

What a great opportunity to share this amazing experience! I actually talked with you on the phone, Katie, and asked you about pursuing a doctorate and you strongly encouraged me to "go for it!" Well, my husband and I just found out definitively that an organization wants to pay for my full tuition! We serve an awesome God!
So, I thank God for bringing me t this organization that actually encourages people to believe God. Thanks for your inspiration and reminder to me of who God is. You are in my prayers, Holly H

lifeoflove said...

This is surely something unique! This summer I was sharing with my daughter about some of the desires of my being to further my studies with a doctorate degree. She is just entering college this next year, we have recently returned from years of ministry overseas, with very little margin financially. She encouraged me to "go for it" and I almost laughed at her "naive and simplistic faith". ;) I said something really reasonable like: "Honey, we are simply trying to find ways to pay for YOUR college, let alone MY study. God would have to have somebody say 'We would like to pay for your tuition' in order for me to go back to school. Ha!

Well, in my LPC process, I spoke with you, Katie, and as we talked, you strongly told me to "Go for it!" and I didn't want to admit my utter lack of faith, but in my heart thought, "With what? Money doesn't grow in Oklahoma prairies! Southern California real estate, maybe, but not in my neck of the woods!" I kept quiet and demurred, and you prayed.

Guess what? Two weeks later, an organization pursued my husband and I and basically asked me if they could pay my tuition for a doctorate! Wherever and whatever I wanted to study. OH MY,'s really OH, MY DEAR GOD! YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING! YOU ARE MIGHTY...YOU REVEAL YOURSELF AND MY HEART SIMPLY MUST SING!

I am grateful for LPCC being an organization that inspires us to believe and trust our dear Father.
Grateful for the fellowship with you all...Holly

C.J. said...

Hello Katie: I have just finished your book "Praying for Purpose" and I am thankful to you for writing it!! All along I had a purpose in mind for what "I" wanted to do with my life, even during the reading of your book. Yet, just like a surprise ending in the Sherlock Holmes books that you love, I found that my successes and trials are gifts from God and only HE knows my path and purpose. I really only have to prayerfully ask Him to reveal them to me! I got a lot of answers to my questions on self-worth and self-awareness from your book and have found a "path to my path" with help from you. Thank you, thank you! I now try to "lean not unto my own understanding." Blessings!!

LouLou said...

On Saturday I watched with glee while my son revelled in the excitement of his 5th birthday party. With his mates all dressed up as pirates (it was a friendly pirate theme) - cardboard cutlasses in hand and eye patches in place, they raced and laughed their way through the few hours of celebration. This is just a small thing in the scheme of things but it was a momumental moment in the life of a young child. I am so grateful, not only that I am blessed to have him as a son, but also that we can provide him with experiences such as these. said...

As I sit here way too early in the morning (still pitch black outside) and try to suck up the imitation day light (provided by my giant light therapy instrument), I realized how thankful I am for the light! Not just the light of the sun(that I have to try to figure out a way to reproduce here in the long, cold winter months of the Northeast)but rather I am thankful for the light of the SON that promises to carry me through all of the seasons of life! (John 8:12 "... I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.") Aaaaaahhh, I feel better already!Thanks, Katie, for your guidance, direction, and prayers that have led me to this point. I am grateful for YOU!!!!! Hugs and love this holiday season.

Lori in Pittsburgh:)

Dr. Hope said...

I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to experience relationship with Jesus Christ and that today I live a life free from sin and shame of the past. God has blessed me with wonderful relationships with my family, friends, and associates. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and sons.

In 2007 I started to put a more public face to my vision and I am so thankful that in the process God sent me my coach/trainer Carol who is a huge blessing for this season of my life.

How can I not be thankful for the breath that I breathe each morning when I rise. There is so much more...God is truly amazing.

Dr. Hope

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful today for the Amazing Women that God sent to Life Purpose Coaching Centers currently taking Level 1 of training & the Field Mentors that have joined us! "YOU GO GIRLS!" xo Linda Kaye

Anonymous said...

I am grateful and thankful to have the help and support of Elias the brazilian care provider who does a wonderful job with my handicapped 24 year old son.

I am grateful for the progress being made in my personal relationships as well as on my home. I am grateful for friends and the people who love me.

I am grateful for the Grace Connection that is moving like wild fire through our church and out into our community(I love watching God work).

I am grateful for the influence God has given me as well as the simple things like hot running water in my shower and the gorgeous sunsets that I get every night if I'll only just look at them.

I am most grateful for a God who loves me enough to have a personal and richly meaningful relationship with me even though He is running the whole universe.... pretty awesome.



joycookie said...

I am so grateful to God for divine appointments. After vacationing in Maine...with so many divine appts.... I met a woman at the airport who was on her way to visit her husband who was undergoing medical treatments. When I asked the nature of his problem she told me he had been diagnosed with ALS-Lou Gehrig's disease. I was stunned because my husband died 2 yrs. ago from Lou Gehrig's disease. Needless to say we prayed together and I was blessed to encourage and support her. She is a new Christian and she told me her pastor said she would meet someone special on this trip and she felt it was me. We exchanged email, addresses, phone numbers and pictures. We have been keeping in touch regularly. How blessed and grateful I am that God can use our most difficult trials so that we can comfort others. God is Good!