Wednesday, April 09, 2008

International Association of Continuing Education Training

Please join us at LPCCI in praying continuously for our Site Visit from IACET (International Association of Continuing Education Training) on May 15, 2008. This would allow us to offer Continuing Education Units to counselors, social workers, probation officers, nurses, teachers, etc., who will often (not always, but often) be able to use the Life Purpose Coach curriculum with their clients, patients, and students. Our initial (3"!) application was accepted with minor queries, so this would be the last step we would need to take in this 6-7 month process. PLEASE STORM THE HEAVENS FOR US! This could be life-changing for so many.

If you have any experience with any type of accreditation board and have any advice for us (or just want to bless us with prayer!), I'd love to hear from you in this BLOG.


CoachCarolyn said...

Dear Katie,

What an amazing opportunity to get TRUTH integrated into so many professions through LPCCI. Your years of prayer, Bible study and perseverance are culminating in crossing over the finish line and receiving the prize. I can only imagine what blessings are ahead. I know I speak for many who are grateful for your servant heart.

Rest assured that I will be praying that the IACET meeting on May 15 will go supernaturally.

Carolyn H.Reynolds
Level One Field Mentor
April 2008

Kim Lawson said...

My prayers will definantely be with you May 15. Also I want to regularly recieve your newsletter.

Kim Lawson

LIsa Kirchhoffer said...

Dear Katie,

I am "charged," having the opportunity to speak with you last week and being accepted for June Level One Training...Praise God!!!
I've attempted to respond to one of your Blogs before, and not being quite the techie, I don't think it ever posted, so here goes another try!

I am DELIGHTED to learn about the continuing education units associated with the Life Purpose Coach curriculum. This is a FANTASTIC way to share Christ with folks who need it most. I used to be a case worker with mentally ill clients, and found the most success in our time together occured when Jesus became a regular companion in our weekly meetings. I'm considering its acceptance already a done deal! You can count on prayer from this neck of the woods.

Lisa Kirchhoffer
Soon-to-be Life Purpose Coach
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Tom Bandy said...

I was excited that you had received approval from the IACET for CEU credits. This has surely been a great deal of effort and energy required from your staff, but will certainly be worthwhile for those of us June 10, 2008 and forward!
Thanks so much for the extra "miles"
Tom Bandy

C. Juniel said...

Dear Dr. Katie and your organization,
I know it took personal dedication to get the job done and it took angels around you to see it through. Thrilled that the IACET has approved of the CEUs. Perhaps many more can partake in Life Purpose Teachings. It was done in divine order and nothing tops that
Congratulations---How Sweet It Is!!!!!!
Cheryl Juniel

C. Juniel said...

Dear Dr. Katie,
Right time, Right place, Right purpose.
I offer my warmest blessings and sincerest congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment...the IACET approving CEU's benefits us all who seek life-affirming purpose.
Thank you,
Cheryl Juniel

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