Saturday, August 02, 2008

Would you like to comment: on "Effective Coaching" and/or pray with us?

E-Coaching Tips
August 08

This Month's Coaching Focus:
Key Behaviors and Skills for Effective Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® teaches its Life Purpose Coach® students to operate from the following guidelines of key behaviors and skills that define today's coaching environment and create a solid foundation for effective coaching. We believe in and urge you to adopt similar practices when coaching, mentoring, and/or discipling others:

Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards
Establishing a Coaching Agreement
Establishing trust and intimacy with the client
Being fully present for the client
Listening actively
Asking powerful questions
Communicating directly
Creating awareness
Designing action steps
Planning and goal-setting
Managing progress and accountability

These 11 principles are in agreement with the standards of the International Coach Federation.

Friends, my heart is heavy with prayer requests that some of our Coaches have shared with me in telephone conversations and via emails during the past two months. I want to generically mention these to you, so you can know how to pray for us - as you better understand that Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® is more than an organization. We are family!

Our Coach's Prayer Requests:

Quadriplegic daughter
Double Mastectomy (2 Coaches)
Mortgage just increased $1000
Laid off from day job
Parents with terminal illness (3 Coaches)
Grief over having to turn off her sister's Life Support
Spouse's affair
Pregnant teen
Numbness in extremities
Thunderstorm destroyed computers/printer
Longing to be in full-time ministry with spouse
Teen suspended from a Christian College for drug use
Fear of giving a speech
Fear of taking the next step in ministry
Recession impact on family business
Alcoholic sister
West Nile Virus scare
Africa Visa approval to attend Laguna training
Indonesia travel arrangements to attend the training

My Personal Prayer Requests this Month:

Healing from two back surgeries (Jan and June 08)
My dad's two cancer surgeries this summer
Hard Drive crash last week
New book deadline on January 1, 2009
New website development (with bells and whistles)
Radio Show or at least a Radio Blog
International Coach Federation (ICF) Application
Thanks for supporting us in prayer this month,

Katie Brazelton
Founder, Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

Thank you so much for sharing this profound list of prayer needs. As one of the requests is mine, I am so moved to srr it in the context of many others, and I feel much less alone and beset. In fact, some of the 'silver lining' is already starting to emerge.

Bless you for being our family's loving matriarch.

Much love, Linda

Grace Sabarus said...

ICF Standards are part of what God teaches us about coaching or mentoring others. These behaviors and skills will be developed in us even before we realize it, as long as we walk on the path He has lied down for us.

I used to be a trained leadership assessor who assessed leaders their coaching skills. But I don't master the coaching skills until God changed my life and wrote His heart for souls in my heart.

I believe LPCCI coaches, with trainings and connectings, will meet the standards of ICF. Because we have been given everything we need to live a godly life - including growth in Christ and coaching souls for Christ.

Is there any standards higher than God's standard of loving others - which is the foundation of coaching and guaranteed success in coaching business?

Teresa Maples said...

Hi Katie,
I've been trying to figure out how to blog for months. Then I saw the little "comment" at the end of your article and said, A-ha! For the techno challenged among us, this is great information. I hope your back is healing Katie. I will pray for you and the other coaches who are in the depths of life circumstances. I know what an emotional toll it takes on people.

I was reminded by a friend recently, that we live as Kings and Queens in America today. Compared to 2000 years ago we live in the lap of luxury far exceeding how the royals lived in Jesus' time. At first I was offended, but when I really let that settle in... It was easier to shift my thinking from how horrible the situation was to how blessed we are, even in the midst of tragedy. It was a simple shift of perspective, but made all the difference. It is the same with Jesus, he calls us to work within the tragedies of life, and remember we are his chosen, well loved daughters. May God send many obvious Blessings to each of those who is in the midst of tragedy.

Lisa Kirchhoffer said...

Dear Katie,

It is good to see a review of what I've just learned in Level 1 - repetition is my friend!

How blessed I felt when I read my concern on your prayer list! Or rather, our prayer list. I am praising God that I am now a member of this awesome LPCCI family. I can't wait to meet those I've been talking with on phone trainings in person!

I've just finished praying through the concerns, and the Spirit has brought to mind what I call my "bridge" over troubled waters verses to share (because the acronym BRJ comes out of these verses):
B = Boast/2 Corinthians 12:9-10
R = Rejoice/Romans 5:3-5
J = Joy/James 1:2-4


And Praise God, West Nile Virus Scare can be taken off the list!

To Him be the Glory,
Lsa K.

Dave Page said...

Hi Katie -

Dave Page here. I recently sent in my application to become a LPCCI coach and facilitator - very excited!

I was wondering if there are any plans to have LPCCI coaches become credentialed with the ICF?

I also have a backgroud with Saddleback and am friends with Rick, Kay, Tom, Chaundel, Glen, etc.

Hoping to be in Laguna in Sept.


Shelley Leith & Katie Brazelton said...

Hi Dave,

You asked about our future accreditation plans, so here is some info that may help. By the way, Pastor Jeff and I were honored to receive and approve your application. Looking forward to seeing you again -- this time in Laguna Beach. It's been a long time since our Saddleback Church interactions!

God bless,
Katie Brazelton


• International Association of Continuing Education Training (IACET - received May 08)

• International Coach Federation (ICF) - 2008 Application-Pending
for Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEU)

• International Coach Federation (ICF) - 2009 Application to be Submitted for Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

Sarah G Tipton said...

Dear Katie,
In reading the prayer requests, my heart goes out to the person whose spouse had an affair. I have a passion to encourage married couples to do whatever it takes to put it back together. I believe no one is too far gone to stive for repentance and restoration. To that end, we have a new tool kit available on Sept 26, 2008 in Fireproof the movie. The link is and also There are resources available, a 40 Day Love Dare, and other partners in the effort like Focus on the Family and Family Life and other ministries. There is even a Marriage 911 resource for immediate help now.
God gave us marriage as a sacrament and covenant relationship on which to build the family. I urge all Life Purpose Coaches to stand firm for marriages, especially this fall. I'm praying for a Marriage Revival across the USA and the world.
Bless you in all you do.
Joyfully His,
Sarah Tipton

danaestewart said...

Prayer is such an amazing gift that God has given us. To communicate with God in such simple terms. I am always in awe at how we can stop to pray in the midst of all the daily ongoings and how God hears and responds to our prayers. May God encourage, heal, and pour out His spirit on each person involved in these prayers needs and on the people in need who are part of LPCCI whose needs are not known to us.

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie: I am reading Pathway to Purpose for the second time, the first time around God used it to minister HOPE into my life and this time around He is using it to reveal my purpose. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you also for the honor of joining the thousands of prayer warriors who are lifting the requests you have posted. What an awesome God we serve! He is faithful to His people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

This is my first time blogging at your site. I learned about your website through a friend. I will be praying for you and all the other prayer requests that you have listed. It makes us realize that we are not alone in the challenges that we face in life. We each may have different challenges, but never-the-less important ones that we must overcome with courage and God-given grace and strength. We are not alone. We have each other. And prayer is "key". Thank you for the work that you are doing in helping others to fulfill their purpose. I hope to be able to learn more about being a Life Coach.

Blessings, Maureen

SonshineEvie said...

It was exciting to read through the tips for this month. As the Lord has called me to shepherd/coach others, I have experienced the power of these truths through the years. It is one of the most exhilarating feelings to sense the pleasure of God as I interact with those seeking to understand His love and find His purpose for their life. I have learned the depth to which a listening ear and an open heart can penetrate the places of pain that need healing and hope. What a joy it is to actively listen to not only what is being said, but to the cries of those things struggling for a voice. It is truly an amazing thing to be able to ask the open-ended question that allows a person to discover the truths that God longs for them to hear. The layers of discovery are an incredible gift that we give to those who seek our time. I am humbled and awed that God should choose to use any of us to accomplish His purpose of touching this world with His life.

Ruth Vazquez said...

Dear Katie,

Your prayer list is a living reminder that as coaches we too face daunting life issues and concerns. I am encouraged to know we are surrounded by LPCCI prayer warriors from the US and overseas. I'll be praying for these requests as well as you Katie, that God's anointing would continue to flow upon you and strengthen you as you grow this ministry. Please add my son to your list, that God would diminish the "remnants" of Autism in His life, and that he would be used mightily for His Kingdom Purpose. God has already done so many amazing things in our son's life, I know he has a unique purpose for him. Pray for Sam as well as he goes back to school to finish his Masters program. Thank you so much for all you do.

Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!

I just love, love, love the on-line videos. Aren't they great?! I can be doing other computer work and get refreshing information whenever I need. I encourage you all to view them again and again.

I thank the Lord for all of you enriching my life in countless ways I never imagined. Katie, thank you for courageously and unselfishly following God's call on your life and serving us so greatly.

God is just so good, and He's good all the time.

With His love and joy,


kch said...

As I am just finishing my Level One training it was great to review this list on Effective Coaching. Some of these may come more naturally than others to us, but every item is so very important to successfully building the relationship necessary in order to be a challenging, competent and spirit-directed coach.
Thanks so much for the great preparation and pointed reminders

kd said...

I just love our coach training. It is full of great information and the presentations are great. At the same time I'm going through Character Makeover. I love the Day 2 Virtual Messages. There is something different about hearing a voice rather than reading it. Great format.
Thanks for taking the time to present the book creatively and supplying even more info online.

Karen DeFries

Sharon Burris said...

Hi, Katie, As I read and prayed for these prayer requests, I was reminded of how I used to believe that we would eventually reach a stage where we had "arrived", and would no longer have problems. Ha! Where did such a thought come from? I don't know. Of course, I know now that we will never be without problems, and that HOW we deal with each challenge we face is of paramount importanace to God. So is our compassion and support of other's requests. Thanks for encouraging us to be what God made us for and wants us to be.
Lord bless you, Sharon Burris