Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WHERE R U...on the Road From Success to Significance?

E-Coaching Tips
May 09



The 8 Stages on the Road From Success to Significance

1. Disengage to think.

2. Do a self-assessment to understand what "build on your strength" means to you.

3. Find your spiritual core.

4. Envision your mission-in-life.

5. Clear your plate to create capacity.

6. Build a "Second-Half Team" to support your mission.

7. Test your concepts in low cost probes, as well as with seismic testing!

8. Re-paradigm your life. Develop an entirely new way of thinking about your life.

Adapted from Game Plan
by Bob Buford


Dorothy C. said...

This is a succinct and thought-provoking checklist. The life purpose coaching training has helped me to find ways to think about God's purpose for me. I think I am at #4--Envision your mission-in-life. Clarifying is a good start on developing a new paradigm for my life.

JayneKane said...

I think I am somewhere between forming a second half team and testing low cost probes. God has been putting people in my life who are instrumental in my decision to become a life purpose coach, and as I sit it on the level 2 seminars, I have a gamut of emotions - fear, elation, excitement and doubt. But as Katie said God will help me soar!

Trina Norfleet said...

#6 jumps out at me because I often struggle with having too much on my plate. A counselor once told me to figure out what I can take off my plate for a season and what I can take off my plate for good. And to remember not to add anything on the plate unless I'm willing to take something off. So I see the vision for life coaching and LPCCI ministry and must work toward "Clearing My Plate to Create Capacity." I'm being prayerful about what I need to "clear" in order to fulfill God's purpose for me.

Trina Norfleet said...

Oops, I meant to say that I am at #5, not #6.

Bruce B said...

I can visualize taking each step in a systematic order as a needed life process that will enable me to better understand where I am in life and perhaps where I need to go. After taking inventory and action through step eight I can continue on by returning back to step one. A great life path to follow with each forward step I take!

Brenda Keller said...

I am presently in stage #5. I am in a prioritizing and organizing stage. I tend to get overly busy and I am pruning away at some of the things that I do not feel that God is calling me to do at this stage in my life.

Marcella Shadle said...

It's interesting - I was a fitness coach and business coach for many years and worked to help people identify and achieve their goals. Now that I am on the journey for myself, it is much more challenging. Funny how we can see clearly what other's need to do, but sometimes can't see the forest for the trees in our own lives. Marcella Shadle