Saturday, February 26, 2011

In-between Time

Are you good at taking a break? At being in-between projects? At allowing yourself to enjoy the time of refreshment and rejuvenation that God has provided after a hard season and before the next difficult task? As I catch myself in-between writing the three books for Group Publishing in Maui (2010), I wonder if I've thoroughly enjoyed the downtime in Jan/Feb 2011 prior to the full-on launching of those books in March. Yes, I've visited my sister in WA for 9 days, my grandsons in CO for 2 weeks, my daughter/dad/bros/sisters in CA for a month -- and yes, I seem to be sitting more in God's presence, but have I truly laughed, smiled, and played more -- or am I still the same "serious-minded" soul that forgets to exhale when the pressure is off for a moment? Here's to exhaling, singing, dancing, laughing, smiling, playing more -- when God provides those golden opportunities. WHAT ABOUT YOU? HOW ARE YOU AT BEING IN-BETWEEN THE HEAVY-DUTY STUFF OF LIFE?! Just curious.


ddgreen said...

In-between Times . . . I’m not sure I have those times. If you mean that lengthy pause at a professional ball game to allow for commercials, yes I catch up on my sleep during that time. Since I became an adult, I have felt the need to pray for one hour of boredom. My fear is that I will get more than that one hour I have asked for and not know what to do. Being a single parent for twenty-six years has left me with the drive to fill every minute with something productive. Now that something productive can be bookwork, crocheting, housework, or study for my classes or in God’s word. I also look after my mother and feel guilty just sitting and soaking up God’s beauty for there are so many things to do for her and with her. I suppose the answer to your question is that I am not good at being in-between the heavy duty stuff of life.

Kelly said...

Thank you for that reminder. The question you I still the same "serious-minded" soul that forgets to exhale when the pressure is off for a moment? really hit me. I feel like I have been living in a pressure cooker since I got married a year ago, am finishing my masters degree and dealing with endless life transitions. I find myself pushing even harder during the in-between time hoping to catch up on everything! Instead of going, going I think I just need to find something to laugh and dance about!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are enjoying some time off. I'm working hard at training with Cindy in Kansas. We are thinking of you.

Kelley Ford

Anonymous said...

It seems the less I have "in-between time" the more I value it and each time get better at using it wisely. I become more intentional about truly enjoying each moment.


Marla Castrilli said...

Well, I'm just now learning how important and God-given "In-Between Time" really is. I grew up in a family that takes pride and joy in working. I wouldn't say that they're workaholics, but we have a family farming business that operates 24/7, and my dad in particular absolutely loves farming. My family loves to take vacations and spend time together, but pretty much all day everyday we worked at something. With that mindset growing up, it was very hard for me to not work work work after I received my Master's Degree in Social Work, married my husband, and was working at the job of my dreams. Now I wasn't full-time, and neither was my husband, and we knew that God wasn't asking us to get second jobs. We knew that we were going to be moving to Florida sometime very soon and that God was giving us time together to build a strong foundation for our marriage. Yet it was very hard to not have the anxious desire to work because my identity was in the amount of hours I put into a work day.

Now God has me in Florida, my husband and I started a private, Christian counseling center, and life is busy! I look back on the days I had in Pennsylvania when we were first married and I had a lot of downtime and wish I could rewind time and change the way I viewed myself during that downtime. If I had to do it over again I would enjoy every minute of the times I spent cooking, reading, and enjoying a beautiful day outside to the fullest. I remember trying to enjoy it and many times I was able to get my mind off work, yet I still felt badly about myself because of my choice to enjoy life.

I want to be a woman of God who is so close to His heartbeat that His peace and encouragement outweighs the doubts and insecurities in my mind and spirit. Yes, God created us to work and find great meaning and joy out of work, but he also created us to enjoy every good gift that is given us. My goal is to work harder at listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit in my soul when I know God is giving me a break and wants me to enjoy resting in Him. In doing that, a huge part is breaking the stronghold of insecurity. My security is in Christ, not in my ability to perform well and achieve excellence according to the world's standards. That is a huge lesson for me and one that I constantly have to remind myself of.

So, I am on a journey as many of us are. And I pray that as women we are able to enjoy the God Given "In-Between Times" because they are of HIM to enable us to reach our fullest potential. There will be no greater fulfillment in life.