Monday, July 08, 2013

Is God calling you to be a Recovery Coach?

"What is a Recovery Coach?" Such a coach specializes in helping clients recover from addictions and related challenges that anchor their souls and prevent them from moving forward with life purpose, i.e., due to issues involving anger/rage, depression, alcohol or other substances, gambling, sex, pornography, abuse, shopping, eating disorders, relationship problems, anxiety, stress, enabling, etc. 
However, to be clear, a Recovery Coach is not an Intervention Coach (that niche or specialty area is offered as one of our advanced recovery classes). Nor is he/she a Sober Companion who monitors the daily life of an addict or a Sponsor who is a go-to volunteer, a recovering addict with a strong desire to give back to the recovery community by helping others. More specifically, our Recovery Coaches help clients answer the age-old question: "What on earth am I here for?" by using...

The Twelve Steps for Believers©: Where Recovery and Purpose Intersect; a personal copyright granted to Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® by Alcoholics Anonymous®--for use with Christians. 

(You can see God's hand in that!)

If God is calling you to be a Recovery Coach, join us on a Tele-Conference Call on Monday, July 29, 5:30-6:30pm Pacific Time, to introduce the course to you and to get your questions answered. Just go to our website and use the CONTACT FORM or post a comment here, and we'll get back to you with the CHAT details for the 29th.

Pre-requisites for taking this Recovery Coach course this fall are LPCCI's Course #101+201+301 or the LPCCI Professional Master Life Coaching course. (If you need to work on your prerequisites, please let us know right away! You still have time to meet the very important, foundational, non-negotiable requirements this summer.)

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Sinn-serely Karen said...

This sounds remarkable. It is just what I do with my pro-bono coaching at Love INC in Columbia, MO I am in!!