Sunday, July 23, 2006

Laguna Beach Report! -- July Fun and November Dates

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Hi there,

I'm humbled and honored that the Lord allowed me to be part of the Level Three training in Laguna Beach! What a blessing of incredible new Facilitators.

The next Laguna class: Nov 6-9.

Have a great Sabbath,


Michelle (Kremer) Cabell said...

I am so glad you posted, Katie! I have been very anxious to hear. I feel as if I am in PTPM withdrawal these days and hang on your every post. You had a great deal of prayer support from around the world, I know.

Cindie said...

Hi Katie,

I am so happy that all went well for this last conference. I pray that this group of ladies will feel as blessed as those of us who have gone through the program previously feel.

We will continue to soar and make a difference in this world for Christ.