Monday, August 07, 2006

What does your "alone time" with the Lord look like?!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Katie, for encouraging me with your vulnerability.

One thought came to mind for me to share. I am going through the "Surrender" section of Conversations with my coach and the list of things to be surrendered is long (so it's a good thing that we aren't meeting for 3 weeks due to schedules, as the Lord knows I need to meditate on this one a long time). So I was "meeting with God" in a simple way - upon my bed with eyes closed just meditating and questioning God. I asked him how I can truly surrender all this can I truly believe and put him at the helm... He had me recall the times when as a teen our church would sing "Let My Life and Let it Be" regularly and how each time I made it a prayer of surrender. Those words are so fitting. I wanted that simplicity of surrender again.

As I moved from my meditation moment, nothing profound happened. On Sunday, however, the worship team had chosen for us to sing "Take My Life and Let it Be" - an updated version. We didn't sing that often at this church, so I knew the timing of it was God's special message to me. I was deeply touched to think the entire church of 700 would be singing a song just for my sake. It was God saying he had heard my prayer two days prior and he was still leading me...

As you have said, out with the old - in with the new (version)!

My method here of spending time with God was merely sharing in meditation with him and then watching in expectation for what would happen next. It was definately a two-way process this time!

AmyB said...

“Alone time” with the Lord looks different depending on what His agenda is & what my plans are…and these are often quite different. God has been calling me to simply rest before Him, to be still, to be silent, to listen...really listen. He is taking me to deeper places that I never thought possible, simply because I "came" and was able to "let go" of my agenda.

God is challenging me to get outside of the box with Him during our "alone time" and in life in general. Because the reality is HE IS ALREADY OUTSIDE THE BOX!!! There is nothing "packaged" with a pretty pink bow with the LORD. He wants to shake things up. He wants to surprise you, make you laugh, sing, dance, cry, set you free and heal the deepest places of your soul. We just have to let go and let Him in.

I am learning to trust Him more with this time and as a former controloholic this is challenging, b/c you do not know where it will take you. However, I can confidently say that it will take you to places you never imagined. Daily, I come to Him now with much anticipation to what He is going to say, do, or reveal to me. God has so much more in store for each us!

Anonymous said...

Sorry in post above I should have written "Take My Life..." not "Let my Life..."

and...When I said we didn't sing that often at this church I meant that particular "song" that often.


Katie Brazelton said...

Ah, you both made me smile when your posts reminded me of a dear friend who recently told me that she loves a spare room in her home that she uses as her Prayer Place -- because it has become such holy ground of God showing up to meet with her. She says that it is almost inevitable that he will communicate with her when she attempts "to be still, to be silent, to listen ... really listen." I love this friend, mainly because, regularly, she does tell God: TAKE MY LIFE AND LET IT BE...

Anonymous said...

Yes as you have shared, a special room, or a special place. My places change depending on the day. I have a stool in my closet for prayers to be said where I need all else is blocked out (it's pretty dark in there with the lights off); I have a sunny kitchen for loving the sun prayer times, usually accompanied by Bible reading and journalling; I also sometimes pray up the stairs...that is on bended knee, say a prayer for every stair as I climb up on my knees. Those are more of the "I don't know what to do" type of prayers. These are a few of my set-apart places.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely freebie message on Surrender!

After surrendering some things I have found myself doing "research" on areas. I wondered if I had taken back the issues by doing this. Today I was relieved to hear in your speech, that after taking it to God to hear his truth, Step 2 is to do the homework or fieldwork he leads us to! Hurray, I'm on track.

God also had me surrender some grief about old best friends that once I moved away from I never heard from again even though I contacted them. It hurt to lose touch with them. God said to me to "grieve those old friendships, cherish them and then move on and be content with whom he would bring around me." To my surprise, this month I have had two different people from the West Coast drop by and a third plans to drop by in September! He is really "bringing" these people to me. He has had them drive miles and the other one he will have fly miles! I'm honored. Also yesterday my dad who lives miles away said he bumped into another old friend who said to say hello to me. I had totally forgotten about her. There is so much hope! This surrender stuff is fun and liberating!

Alexis said...

What a blessing this blog was. Thanks so much for your honesty Katie. This is my first time at this site and I am impressed. My alone time with God is spent at night. I love it when my husband and kids have fallen asleep and away we go. Also, both my kids will be in school fulltime this year so I will be making changes in my time with Christ... esp my study time.
I am going through the out with the old and in with the new in both my life... ( with my kids starting fulltimes school) and in church committees. ( moving into youth ministry). It is a scary thing. It is change yet it is God breathed so I know it is right and it is GOOD! Thanks again for blessing me so, this day! God Bless you!!!

apnmsh said...

Hello Katie,

This is my first visit to your website. What a refreshing audio blog. I have struggled over the years to have my "sweet" time with the Lord with the busyness of my life, and raising a family.

Currently, I love to go outdoors in my yard in the country and pull weeds, pick flowers, whatever my hands see to do, and spend my time with our Lord. I realized some time ago as I mow, garden, wash dishes,or dress for the day that I meditate on something. I have learned in the last few years that I can meditate on Jesus, and allow my heart to plead with Him for direction and peace. I have frequently found myself standing in the middle of the yard praising Him spontaneously. Learning that I could choose to leave my earthly thoughts behind no matter where I am or what I am doing, and spend "time" with Him has been incredibly freeing for me. I choose Him above all things.


quilting1 said...

My alone time with God is usually spent outside at work in the wee hours of the morning, when the world is still & quiet (I am a police dispatcher). I go outside for what I call God breaks.

It makes it nice, though I noticed since I quit smoking, I don't get out as much as I should.

I also spend quiet time when everyone in my home is asleep in bed to read and make notes.

I have a great life purpose coach and God is showing us so much through this study.


Bobbi said...

My time alone with the Lord is the best part of my day. Now that kids are back at school I have a good amount of time to be still. I try to start the day before any one is up, with a 30 min. reading of some verses I have put together in a spiral bound index card set. These are the verses that God has spoken to me through most recently that I need to meditate on. After I get everyone off to school and work, I have time on my back deck going a bit deeper with study and prayer. I am sooo blessed to have a little lake/pond in the back where I can sit and meditate and have God speak to me--and He always does! I am very pampered in this area right now, with alot of time to pray, study and read the word. It's incredable! And I so appreciate it after a long time working in church ministry without much alone time. One special thing the Lord showed me recently was this:
"Listen O daughter, consider and give ear,
Forget your people and your father's house,...the King is enthralled by your beauty
Honor Him for He is your Lord." Ps. 45:10-11

Listen, consider, give ear---He seems to want our attention don't you think? For me this spoke to me re. forget trying to please others and worrying about others think and please only the Lord. Forget those lies/ messages you received as a child from your family that have had a negative effect on your spirit...It is the King who is already enthralled by your beauty. It is the Lord who matters and He is already in love with you. In stead of pleasing others just honor Him because He is the one who is your Lord. He is enthralled with me. Whew! What an amazing God we have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,It is such an amazing thing to see someone be vulnerable. You're encouraging the rest of us a lot. I want to encourage you with Hebrews 11v27 in the Amplified. It says of Moses, 'For he never flinched but held staunchly to his purpose and endured steadfastly as one who gazed upon Him who is invisible.' Keep on gazing on the invisible God. All of creation ends and starts with Him. See how things fall into place when you get your priorities aligned again. We all get busy, but just start gazing on Him again. Lots of love, Bianca

Kimberly W. said...

Time spent reading The Purpose Driven Life truly freed me to worship and spend my quiet time with God in so many ways, laying prostrate and silent, signing at the top of my lungs, a prayerful walk in the park, engouraging a friend to fight the good fight of faith, journaling to my King... The possibilities are endless. It feels good to be free!