Saturday, February 10, 2007

Meandering Thoughts

Hi Ladies,

As I sit here with wet hair, hunger pangs, and still a little jet lagged from our Ministry launch in France, I realize that is how we all live most of our lives, ya? We are worn-out wonder women, just trying to make it through.

Yet today...I get to sit with one of my best friend's whose brother died and I get to honor my longest-standing, grammar school friend of nearly 50 years (ya, I'm old!) at an alumni celebration in her honor for a few hours this evening. In the meantime, I am desperate for your prayers -- as I have only 2 weeks to turn in a final manuscript to my publisher.

So...the conclusion of the matter for me is this: Through wet hair, hunger, tiredness, and deadlines -- it's still the relationships that win out regardless. And...yes, I will share a meal with my adult daughter after church on Sunday -- because that is what our hearts need to make it through the tough times.

How's your week going? Are you building in relationship time! My prayer is that you & I do just that -- passionately.

Wet Hair Katieb -- just figuring out life one day at a time


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie
Relationship time. That is it. If we don't build that into our hectic lives, we get worn out much quicker. Loving, caring relationships are what gives me energy and makes me feel I am needed, appreciated and loved. After our Bible study this morning, us girls sat talking for more than an hour about things that really matter to us. We all said when we got together this morning that we couldn't stay long because there are so many things to be done- and yet we all stayed on, dinking a 3rd cup of tea - because there was a spiritual bond no-one wanted to break by being the first to leave!On Sunday we as a family sat around the lunch table talking about the things that are most important to us as a family - the core values we treasure. I think we will all always remember the bond we felt when after discussion of what each of us felt were the most important values, my husband said - 'I agree that the things you mentioned are important: loyalty, honesty, appreciation, acceptance, but I think love is the most important. Love for one another, but also for our fellow man.'
I believe that is what relationships are about in essence - unconditional love and acceptance - Let us nurture every relationship we have! Nicolin, South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, I can just relate so well with what you are saying. It seems as though the watch never stops ticking and I'm always short on a few hours a day. We had a ministry opportunity in Cape Town, South Africa for an entire week and boy, were we exhausted! but in the midst of it all we sort of just took it in our stride and enjoyed the beauty of it all with friends. I remind myself that Jesus was also in great demand and stressed out. He took a lot of time out with the Father, the most important relationship of all. I'm sort of trusting Him to show me how to do this balancing act without burning out. Of course, He only did what He saw His father do. I pray that you would find some piece of God's beauty and peace in your today! Love Bianca

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I am new at this blogging:) I sat on the phone with my sister as we both fight back tears. This month (Feb)we celebrate the life of our dad who passed about two years ago from cancer. I smile that his life still draws our family closer together.

Cindy Thyfault said...

Hi, Katie,

I travel a lot, too, and I know what it is like to have so much to do and what it feels like to be a worn-out wonder woman.

I just went to see my daughter this weekend in Phoenix and it is really amazing what spending time with your daughter will do to generate energy and boost you!

I will be praying for you this week to be able to finish your manuscript. I just finished writing my first book before Christmas and that was totally draining. Creating is really fun but still takes extreme discipline and a lot of help from the Holy Spirit!

Cindy Thyfault

Katie Brazelton said...

Manuscript is nearly finished. Please pray!

RosalieG said...

Good work. Are you having fun yet?

Prayed for.

Lisa Kindermann said...

I am praying for your sister! Hope you have had a moment to dry that hair, have a snack, and catch a nap! You are doing so much more than making it through sister, you may feel like that, but you are surrendering all to invest in the lives of others! Be of good cheer. Hugs!

popcorn said...

Good Evening Katie,
I can sure understand deadlines and I am thrilled that you are that close to finishing the manuscript. I am also working although slowly on a book myself. I had several books going at one time and my computer crashed so I would suggest that you back up on something. Praying for you on the content and speed of your manuscript.
Deb White

Charlyn Thomasson said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the reminder of the value of relationship building. My husband I planted a church 14 years ago. There have been times when we wondered if we could keep going. We are so thankful God has continued keep us in this wonderful community of believers. Every few weeks I make myself sit in the back---I like to sit up in the middle or closer to the front ---and look at the valuable and transformed lives. I don’t know all their stories but I have the privilege to know a great number. We share God’s grace and love. We love each other and share in the fact that God is working in us. I sit there and think…Dearest Lord, it is worth it! The past couple of years my family has dealt with some difficult situations and our relationships are deeper. My husband, two sons, and I know we can count on each other through anything. God has used rich relationships to lead me to be a LPC. Your comments helped me to reflect and to make sure I continue to build deep relationships. I will pray for you, Katie, as you complete your manuscript. We all need each other!



Anonymous said...

Hi from Arizona!!
We are near Sedona and would love for you to visit! Our Cal. house is supposed to close Tues., 3/6 -- please pray! Sounds like things are going Godly for you! PTL! This bloggin' is fun...never done it before!
Love and Miss you!
the other Katie

Anonymous said...

Finding our 'quiet' with Him - to center our lives, relationship and service is soooo vital.

After a season of busy-ness I have come back to the foot of the Cross to lay those burdens down. The peace here transcends deadlines and worries.

I urge you to find your peace there.

I also look forward to your book - and know it will reach me in His time as well.

Seeking the quiet,
a sister in Christ

Melissa said...

Greetings to you! Let me introduce myself, my name is Melissa Yee. I've recently stumbled onto your website and I'm very curious. I read your Pathway to Purpose book about two years ago and simply loved it. I've made reference to it many times while talking with women and even have a banner on my cell phone that reads, Living Out My Purpose.

My journey has been interesting and hopefully I have found the ministry that God has been nudging me to find. I'm looking forward to working with the ministry and praying that God will move in a mighty way.

In taking classes @ NOBTS, homework, teaching, I will get all the assignments complete, but only if God helps me. Can't wait to see what He will accomplish through me.

In His service,
Melissa Yee
Modesto, CA

debbie/angelnano said...

praying here in Canada

debbie/angelnano said...

Hi Katie

I have been reading the orange book, actually finished it last month and just been reviewing and going over questions in the back of the book.
As I was reading and going over some notes, I was thinking how nice it would be to discuss the book with others. Therefore my question is. Is it possible to do an online book study with others who might be interested as well?

BarbD said...

Hi Katie,

I went to your retreat at Glen Eyrie this weekend and it was amazing! I'm so glad to have met you--What a blessing! I'm so excited to become more involved in this ministry and complete my training!

Sherrill said...

Just noticed that the comment will be visible after approval.

Yippee, my son is home for Easter and helped me to figure this out! My husband is very interested in the men's training and is trying to move some dates at work to see if we could celebrate our 32nd anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. I know the wet hair feeling! I've felt that since I got home from Laguana - so excited - but couldn't get a life plan set up until this next week. Life just gets so messy! But we must just wait on the Lord, huh? You are certainly a testimony of that! If the Lord works out this for my husband and I to go to Hawaii it will truly be a miracle that the Lord will get allllll the credit for! I'm just amazed my husband is truly entertaining the idea!! Thank you so much for this vision and for being so real - sharing how you get weary and bogged down. But the Lord is using your vision and I'm sooooo glad to be joining you in it!

Rosalie G said...


Good for you going through the Orange book. I offer clients the option of going through the orange book over the phone and email, through my coaching practise. I'm sure other coaches would as well.

Julia said...

Hello Katie!

I passed by Glen Eyrie over the Easter Holiday! It's beautiful! My folks live in Colorado Springs. I soooooo appreciate your "build in relationship time" mantra :-) I could easily find myself a hermit during busy times. Looking forward to my learning times!