Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amazing Grace

I just saw Amazing Grace tonight as part of my Sabbath rest. I don't know if I cried like a baby at the end of it because of the incredible impact the movie had on me, or if because I was deeply grieving the loss of Jan Drury, one of our Australian Life Purpose Facilitators, who died of cancer this week. IT HAD TO BE BOTH.

I do know that the movie hit me like a ton of bricks -- a lot like the Mother Teresa film I mentioned a few months ago on this BLOG. I won't give away the story line, except to say, it is related to the age-old Christian hymn we sing. It is a Schindler's List type of story -- a must-see. It was riveting to watch a story of such vision for a cause.

Honestly, I think what got me the most was that the heroes of the movie (like Jan, even when she was so sick), lived a life of passion and dreams and goals. They challenged themselves beyond their own strength. And yet...the other day, as I challenged our new Instructors to "get out of their boxes and dream bigger and more passionately," I felt a strong sense that the message I was preaching was for me -- that I am afraid to dream any bigger. Then, as I read/prayed in my Quiet Time tonight in Psalm 24:7-10...I understood what God was trying to say to me: "Start dreaming bigger and more passionate dreams, so the King of Glory may come in!"

So, tonight, dear Jan, at nearly midnight -- I think of you and promise that I will start dreaming bigger and more passionate dreams, so the King of Glory may come in!" Thanks for the reminder.


Karen Atkins said...

Thank you Katie for sharing some of Jan's emails. You have given me a better glimpse into the heart of a woman I knew for too short a time.
Something very close to Jan's heart and a subject we spoke about frequently was the physical distance between us here in Australia and you in the US. There is nothing quiet the same as having like minded and 'hearted' women around you and I know Jan was very excited to me in contact with women through out Australia who were interested in serving in this beautiful ministry or being served by it.
Selfishly I feel a great sadness and sense of loss that our extremely small handful of PTPM women here has already dwindled and we have lost a most amazingly enthusiastic advocate for this ministry. Jan was like Simon of Cyrene - she was plucked from obscurity for the special purpose of carrying the Lord's burden in reaching out to those in need. She certainly did this for me. Whilst Jan was trained before me and was instrumental in my being trained, she had not as yet had a LifePan facilitated for her. We joked that after I returned from the States that perhaps it would be me that did that for her. Obviously the Lord had something far greater in mind for her.
Please pray that Jan's dream, and now my own, for more workers in the Austalian 'field'.
Blessings and warmest regards

Katie Brazelton said...

Dear Sweet Karen,
I know how you miss Jan. She LOVED practicing her Pro Bono Life Purpose Coaching sessions on you. And, she was so close to being certified as a Life Planner. She just needed to take that one last step.

Be confident that God will send you just the right Aussie ministry partners to support you, in addition to those who are praying for you in the other parts of the world!

Cynthia Cavanaugh said...

Dear Katie:

I saw the movie earlier this month and couldn't speak afterward and if I could of discreetly in the theatre in a sound proof booth would of sobbed for an hour on my knees. I too was struck with the incredible perseverance of William Wilberforce and others. 46 years he labored with little results until the end of his life. WOW!! It made me weep at how easily I want to give up sometimes on a God assignment. It also motivated me to in a stronger way rally the troops to take our place in history!! I leave for Cambodia on Monday, and like the slavery of the 19th century we are facing the greatest sex slavery of all times! I covet your prayers...and I discovered in my closet of which I am thrilled of a few copies of PTP to take with me to give as gifts to international workers who are laying down their life in ministry in Phnom Penh. Bless you dear one for motivating us to soar!! May we follow Jan's example and fight to the finish and run the race with endurance!! Much love, Cynthia