Friday, October 05, 2007

Home from Kauai and needing prayer

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

I just want to check in with you to tell you that teaching Levels 3-4-5 in Kauai was a humbling treat of a lifetime. Nearly 80 coed students from around the world gathered to become better Life Purpose Facilitators for Christ. I was privileged to be surrounded by these holy people for 11 days in a paradise-type environment. (We hope to have a photo posted soon, and our newsletter is nearly ready for October!)

Here's where the prayer comes in. Prior to, during, and since returning from the Conference, our people have been hit with fire darts that come from living in a fallen world. Here is a small sampling of what the attendees faced before, during, or after: computer server nightmares galore, complete computer crash/fried, best friend committed suicide, husband had an affair, canceled flights with overnight delays, lost luggage, upcoming hysterectomy, mother got cancer, lost job x 3 people, ill child, congestive heart failure, exhaustion of leadership/teaching team, MRI showing degenerative back disease, foot surgery twice, etc.

Likewise, one of our women found $1900 in an old dress pocket and another one was given $50,000! keeps plowing forward -- with the good and the bad. Keep us in your prayers and let me know how I can pray for you too. Yes, I'm even willing to pray for a windfall for you to use for God's glory!



RosalieG. said...

Very interesting to hear about the firey darts. I was finishing with a client who was taking giant leaps, and at the same time working on my 'critical path' which included planning a book group, when all was put on hold due to excruciating face pain lasting now 2 months. It is possibly trigeminal neuralgia (facial nerve pain unrelieved by over the counter medicines) which was triggered by a routine dental visit Aug. 16. Who can lead plan or lead a group in this condition?

The week it first started I knew it was an attack and decided it wasn't going to stop me from coaching my client who was on the pivot point of discoveries. I shared with her I was in pain but we were going to proceed. As we started praying, my neighbour decided to run his motorcycle drowning out my hearing. This was something he hadn't done in a year, but decided to do at 7 pm on a Wed night, just when my call was booked. He seemed to be checking it out in his driveway and the noise would continue for a lengthy time. Right then and there I picked up my portable table and phone and took them into my closet, shutting the door. I finished our session on my knees in front of the table in the closet!

Week after week as the pain didn't subside though I prayed for deliverance, I realized God allowed the enemy to penetrate, for his reasons. God must be saying for me to WAIT on a few things for reasons I don't know.

Just as a new medication was beginning to work, I got a bad cold that has slowed me down another week.

I'm sorry for all the profound problems listed in your post. Mine seem small in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Hey KatieB: It's Susan Singleton from South Carolina. Kauai was truly a Holy-Spirit inspired conference! Leaders from all over the US and internationally descended, sang, praised, trained,and worshipped together. My first morning, when I was asking a hotel worker for directions to the main conference area, smiled and said, "Follow the beautiful singing, you will find them there". What a tribute that our conference was known by our praises to our God. What a blessing to be apart of it. Our thanks to you, Nancy, Jeff, and the praise team for all your hard work and hours of planning.

Our prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in the ministry who were unable to attend. Our prayers also go out to those experiencing trials in this season of their lives. God is prodding and pruning some, and others are being tested to see to what extent they are loyal to Him. Still others are just experiencing life in an imperfect world. Let's continue to stand united together to serve Him in spite of the trials any time, any place. God has big plans ahead for LPCCI and Christian life coaching! Blessings.

Peascod said...

Wow what an attack that ole enemy tried. Know that I am praying. Jackie M

Katie Brazelton said...

Thank you each for sharing your heart. I am humbled to stand with such magnificent prayer warriors. Rosalie, your story has got to be one that will be told over and over again. I knew you were a Hebrews 11 type of woman, but to hear you say: "Right then and there I picked up my portable table and phone and took them into my closet, shutting the door. I finished our session on my knees in front of the table in the closet!" BLESSED ME TO PIECES!

Hugs, prayers, and much love/admiration/respect,