Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My son Andy keeps telling me to lighten up this BLOG!

Okay, then...so what am I supposed to ask to lighten it up: DID YOU SHAVE YOUR LEGS TODAY?

Well, I just can't do it!!!! Somebody jump in here and help me with a great question that women will want to answer -- before I make a fool of myself.

Andy has a fabulous BLOG -- check it out to get ideas for a more happy/joyful tone: http://www.outsideallday.com/

I'll take all the help I can get in this cyberspace world.

Thanks in advance!


Andy Brazelton said...

Glad you enjoyed it mom!

RosalieG said...

It would be interesting to me to see what God is using to draw women.

For me recently, it has been a free online directory I'm advertised on, and the women being influenced by hearing about "life coaching" from secular sources, but prefering a Christian process.

For a coach friend, and inquiry this week was the result of hearing Katie on 90.1 F.M. (Middayconnection)talk about character.

Lee W said...

I've been a Christian 55 of nearly 58 years, and I've always served in my church. My grown children are wonderful Christians, two serving in ministry situations. And I suddenly find I don't seem to have a clear purpose. I was always the positive optimist for everyone else. God has not abandoned me, but I feel myself veering off course because I don't see how where I am and what I do serves any purpose anymore. Can someone like me, who doesn't see a path clearly become a Life Coach--and even a Life Purpose Facilitator? Does your training give us the direction so that we can help others through just completing the courses? PS... I met you at FPC in Knoxville TN & spoke briefly to you afterward about Australia. You were great!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sweet Katie, I've heard you have had surgery... Can I let you Know you are sooo on my Heart, and I'm saying special prayers and sending lots of Love and Energy to you!! I'm coming down to California, I'm going to have one of my great Team Mates from the inaugural class do a Life Purpose Facilitation and I want to go to Saddle back for the Easter Service..I would love to see kathy jo, Pat, you Andrea and all the girls if I could.. I love you and I'm ready to get started I have talked with Kathy in Toronto and I am willing to take on what needs to be done up here.. so my time as come.. I'm out of the Valley....I would LOVE to see you!!!! Caroline Guichon, B.C. Canada xxoo

Anonymous said...

ooo and I'm going to Australia after California and I would like to meet our affiliate there and see if I can help with anything.. and go to Hill song.. I would love to find out more about that church and any contacts I can get from our girls from my class.. I am here to help.. and we will see where God places me... Love you all C I'm going to stay at the Laguna hotel when I first arrive..

Zele50 said...

My daughter has been at Hillsong for nearly years. I stayed in Sydney and was at Hillsong for 3 months last June-Sept. Contact me through my Blog address if you would like some other contact info.

Jennifer Bennett, MACE, LPC, LPF said...


I understand your pain!! Like you, I really would love to "lighten" up my blog, but I just don't know how!! I also have a problem with asking questions like, "Did you shave your legs today?" I read a blog today (one that I read on a daily basis) and this girl wrote about Peter Pan and how, he could be the perfect mate, but than again, maybe not. An entire blog message on Peter Pan. What's crazy is that I was interested and read the entire thing!

So, I feel your pain! If you come up with any great ideas, let me know! Because I need to lighten mine up too!

Love ya!

Sharon Newhardt said...

What a great challenge! As one of those 'creative types', I will have to rise to the occasion.

I have a four-year-old son named Evan. I never realized what deep existentialist thinkers pre-schoolers are, but we have some of the most bizarre conversations on weighty issues.

For example, here's Evan the theologian parsing his way through
the Gospels...

Evan: Mama, there were bad people who didn't like Jesus and they put him on a cross.

Mama: Yes, that's right.

Evan: Why?
(this would be the existential part)

Mama: Why what?

Evan: Why were they not nice to Jesus?

Mama: Because Jesus wanted them to stop doing bad things and they didn't want to listen to him.

Evan: Why?

Mama: Why what?

Evan: Why didn't Jesus want them to do bad things?

Mama: Because God wants us to be good to each other and love each other.

Evan: Why?

So here's the question for anyone who's brave enough to jump in:

How would you answer Evan's question? Why does God want us to be good to each other and love each other? (And no fair only quoting scripture...)

Thanks for opening the doors to some fun, Katie and Andy. (And don't laugh, Andy, because your turn at existential pre-school chats is coming soon!) I love reading the comments from all the wonderful Godly women out there.

(Oh, and no, I haven't shaved my legs yet today.)

Robin H said...

I was so sorry to hear about Katie's recent surgery, but glad to hear she is much improved! After suffering for years with an arthritic back and recent bursitis in my shoulder, I began seeing a physical therapist who specializes in "Robin McKenzie" therapy method. It involves specific exercises, improvement follows pretty quickly. Two of my husbands colleagues (who have more serious conditions than me) recommended this. Amazon has McKenzie books and supports. Also see: www.mckenziemdt.org Hope that helps someone else. Robin Hayles, Peoria, IL

Maryann Krabbe said...

Katie, I just came back from a ladies retreat that I coordinated for our church. We had 65 women come. I used material from "pathway to purpose" and I had lots of women tell me that they had never been to a retreat that they actually could go home with tools to help them with moving forward to God's purposes for their lives. God met us in such a huge way. I just wanted you to know and to say thanks for your obedience to him.

Maryann Krabbe

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I've just started the processes of being coached by Darlene Lund of Mi. God has been showing me great insights. I'm very excited about what God will do with me as I work toward becoming a coach. Nancy

Julia said...

Oh Katie......you and my daughter :-) She is 8 months pregnant and not only wishes she could shave her legs - but....tying her shoes would be nice too - LOL We are still praying for you and your back!
About lightening up......don't forget - the "fun" in life :-) You even have us take time out for it in the Conversations book....

mweinstein said...

I would be very curious to know how many people who seek coaching are attending church. I know too many Christians who no longer attend church and it saddens me. I'm sure not knowing their life purpose adds to their decision.
Mary Weinstein

Michelle Virnelson said...

Well this is my first time blogging, but my computer geek husband reads blogs everyday. His favorite one is http://Lifehacker.com. He gets lots of good organizational tips there.

I'm pretty excited to do Level 1 now that I have the process figured out.

BTW I did not shave my legs today and my husband is going to make me create my own blog now. I'm not sure if I should thank you that I had to ask him how to do this or not:)

Cathey said...

Here's my theory about shaving my legs. I only shave them in the summer when people can see them. In the winter, I almost always wear pants, so why bother? And on that rare winter occasion when I wear a dress or skirt I will give in and shave. Here's another plus for only shaving during the summer months - it saves money on disposable razors and shaving cream. ;)

Tom B. Bandy said...

If Andy is the one who sent me the picture of the 1950's milkman making his daily rounds, back weeks ago when my Virtual Classroom password was "jammed" and I couldn't log on....well, you may not ever get ligthened up enough to satisfy him!!!
His sense of humor runs at a pretty high RPM!
Tom Bandy

Penny Bertsch said...

Summer brings so many wonderful festivities. We just celebrated our sons wedding. It was one of the most exciting days of our lives. Every thing was beautiful, beyond what we could have imagined. I met with four other women for 6 years for prayer. We prayed our children through Jr. and Sr. high school and prayed for wisdom in chosing a spouse. It is no surprise that God gives His best to our children just because we asked Him to.
James 1:5-6 But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach and it will be given to him.
Have a blessed summer and 4th of July.