Saturday, February 02, 2008

SPECIAL NEWSLETTER: Katie is Celebrating 20 Years in Ministry!


February 2008
Special 20th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating 20 Years
in Ministry!


"Oh taste and see that the Lord, our God, is good!"
- Psalm 34:8

Welcome to this special anniversary edition of our newsletter. My heart resounds with the psalmist's words! It has been 20 years now that I have followed my own life purpose, dedicated to helping others discover their life purpose. I have learned from the giants on whose shoulders we stand, have linked arms with my contemporaries, and have mentored countless clients, students, and friends, as they too, help others discover their life purpose.

To give you a little glimpse of the some of those years, I dug up some old photos. I got a good chuckle that some of them are a few hairstyles ago -- but hope you enjoy them!

Well, that was the past, and this is now. And, because this is National Coaching Week (Feb 3-9), this newsletter will fill you in on what I am doing right now; my coaching services, on-line book studies, the facilitation of 2-day life plans in my home, Life Purpose Coach tele-training classes...and more! I'm looking forward to serving you in 2008!

This past week, my son Andy told me I needed to "lighten up" my blog. Imagine! Here's my problem...I'm not quite sure how to do it...and I need your help! Will you meet me at my blog this week...I am looking forward to chatting with you there!

Thank you for taking a few moments to celebrate the past 20 years with me. God IS good!

God bless you,
Katie Brazelton
Founder, Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®
BLOG with Katie

Rare Coaching Opps with Katie
I am really excited to let you know that I am offering (for the first time in a long time due to previous scheduling conflicts!) both group and individual coaching on a first-come, first-served basis.

Group Coaching: 5-Month Program!

(April-August '08)

Includes homework assignments for:
• Monthly tele-conference group call with me
• Monthly private call with me
• Monthly call with peer-coaching group partner
• Optional 1-day group retreat (9am-7pm. Materials provided. Hotel/food not included) in SO CA (or 2 extra private calls with me)

Private, Individual Coaching

Your choice of topic to discuss:
Life Purpose, Character Makeover, or "Getting Published."

Each month includes three, 45 minute telephone sessions with me

Email today:
for more your registration form and/or complete details!

20 YEARS IN MINISTRY: 1988-2008

1988 - Took spiritual pilgrimage to Calcutta, India
- Talked with Mother Teresa about joy and purpose
- Began writing Pathway to Purpose series

1989 - Visited Nobel Peace Laureate in Belfast, Ireland

1995 - Founded Mentors, Inc
- Was 1st woman in the world to become a Cerfied Life Plan Faciltator

1997 - Invited to work for Pastor Rick Warren on Saddleback Church Staff

2001 - Invited to become a Licensed Minister at Saddleback

2002 - Preached in Kenya on the topic of Life Purpose

2005 - Published 4 books & audio CD in Pathway series
- Founded Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®

2007 - Published Character Makeover. Check out audio chapters on website!

2008 - Writing 6th book, "A Plan of a Lifetime"
- Have ministry expansion plans to grow from 7 countries to 14 this year. PRAY WITH US!

Character Makeover
Group Book Study

Is your Small Group looking to "switch things up" a bit? Well, here's an idea for you. Why not join me for an 8-week Character Makeover Group Book Study via tele-chat?

And if you don't belong to a Small Group, then grab a few of your girlfriends to go on this 8-week adventure with you. Each tele-session with me is 35-minutes, and once you are off the conference call, you can continue your discussion with your Small Group.

For registration forms and /or complete details,
just email:
and be sure to put "Character Makeover Group Book Study" in the subject line!

And don't forget...there are some great Character Makeover tools on my website. Check them out here...

Spring/Summer Tele-Class Training Dates

Level One and Two
• NEW! April 08 - Coed Level One: Basic Life Purpose Coach®
• NEW! May 08 - Coed Level Two: Advanced Coaching and Business/Marketing

Level Three
• Repeat: March 08 - Coed Level Three: Basic Life Purpose Facilitator
• Repeat: June 08 - Coed Level Three: Basic Life Purpose Facilitator

Level Four
• NEW! July 08 - Coed Level Four: Advanced Life Purpose Facilitator

Level Five
• NEW! August 08 - Women's Level Five: Instructor Certification for Levels 1 & 2 only. By Founder invitation for a limited number.

Book Your Private, Individual, Life Plan with Katie Today!
Without a doubt, one of the favorite parts of my ministry has been facilitating women's Life Plans. To walk through such a Holy Spirit-guided process with women from all over the world has truly been a privilege since 1995.

To book your 2-day private, individual Life Plan with me in my home, or to get more details, email me at:

February's Group Chat with Katie!
Do you wonder what the group chat is all about? Well, it's an opportunity to gather on a tele-conference call and ask me questions about Life Purpose Coaching, about the training, about becoming a Life Plan Facilitator, or any other question you may have about LPCCI or me personally.

If you are interested in joining me on February's Group Chat, email Linda for the dates and for a tele-conference call-in number and password. Talk to you then.


Session with Katie

For the month of February, I would be honored to do a FREE 15-minute, individual, Character Makeover Laser Coaching Session for five (5!) women who respond with the best answer to this offer.

All you have to do is send an email to with "FREE Character Makeover Laser Coaching with Katie as She Celebrates 20 Years in Ministry" in the Subject Line. Then, in the body of the email, note your city/state/country, your age, your current/future ministry dream, and answer this question:

"Why do you think you should receive a free coaching session at this time?"

I pray that this character-rejuvenating experience will inspire you to live out
God's unique purpose for your life.

Offer Expires: February 29, 2008
Katie Brazelton | P.O.Box 80550 | Rancho Santa Margarita | CA | 92688


overflowin; said...

Hi Katie,

I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled to be writing in my first blog and to all people but you as I have been stalking your blog site for about a year now!

I am also extremely excited to finally be stepping out and embracing your ministry that I truly feel you designed with me in mind. This is a very surreal, a little overwhelming, and exciting experience to be participating in your training. I already feel like you're one of my pals.

I did send my letter to you as to why I should be chosen for the 15 private minutes with you and I have to be honest that of course, I'm second guessing pouring my heart out to you.... That moment when you push the send button and go, "okay, now I've really made a fool of myself." But once I look through your PTP book or hear you share transparent stories of yourself I go "No, she'll get my heart."

Katie, thank you so much for being obedient to God 20 years ago and following your heart. Because you did now so many of us can.

PrincessK said...

Hi Katie,
I just got a call from you this morning as I just sent in my application to attend your school and I so appreciated the fact that you as the founder took the time to call. I have done some research on the school and I have been so impressed with all my findings. I currently work at A Woman's Place Ministries which is in Tampa Fl, a crisis pregnancy center. We are creating a Life Coaching program for our client and I am creating this program so I am so looking forward to applying some of the principles and tools I will learn through Life Purpose Coaching center. Well, Katie I am looking forward to this training and getting to know you and all the ladies involved a little better. I must confess I think I messed up my user name - let me know if you want me to change it.

PrincessK said...

I forgot to tell you in my last comment that I used to have a blog spot. It is After I start my business I will probably start it us again.
God Bless, Kathy

Jill White said...

Wow.. it really is incredible that 20 years have gone by since this ministry began. I've been dreaming of being involved in this type of ministry for more than 25 years.. and to look back at how God has molded it to bring me to this point is incredible. I'm one happy camper.. watching Him work it all out for His glory and my good! AMEN!
Jill White

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 20 Years of Ministry. Your vision for life coaching has greatly impacted my life and ministry. Recently, we got final approval to launch a Life Purpose Coaching Center at Grace Community Church with multiple coaches. This summer Patty Nolan, my wife, Nelda Leadingham, my assistant, and I will be providing Life Purpose Coaching and Life Plan facilitations for people throughout Southeast New Mexico. Thank for sharing your vision with us.

Kathy Green said...


Two years ago, the first week in February, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I had been crying uncontrollably for two days. I told my Pastor I was leaving to go away so that my children did not have to watch their mother "loose it" His wife refused to allow me to go away alone. Over the course of the next 48 hours God worked a miracle in my life. He with the help of this precious lady of faith, who was willing to speak truth to me, and then leave me alone with Him, convinced me that Jesus was my Bridegroom and I was a part of His bride! Even more shocking to me was I found myself convinced that He called me His beloved and that He had a plan for my life, and part of that plan was to help other women discover the same thing for themselves, about themselves!

As I read this,looking back over my words I hear this sounding like a testimony of salvation, however, I must tell you I had been a Christian since I was 16. I had even been teaching this truth to other women, yet in my heart did not believe it about myself. This is more a story of redemption and new birth. The birth of a new and deeper relationship with my Lord and the birth of a new phase in ministry for me.

Katie, I hope and pray I can be as faithful to the ministry God has given me as you have been in yours! Thanks so much for all you do and have done. You will never know until you step over into eternity the number of lives you have touched by being faithful to God's calling on your life. I will give you a sneak peek... the weekend mentioned above was a direct result, I believe, of going though your books, Pathway to Purpose and Conversations on
Purpose. I know my life was forever changed by your ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to join you on the next step of your ministry and mine, as I join your next class in April.

God Bless You abundantly!


Tom B. Bandy said...

Wishing you the best for the next decades! After viewing the Life Coaching Series from AACC, I knew that the person I liked best was Katie just seemed like the heart for people was really evident in every conversation. I was excited after doing a little work with our friend GOOGLE to find the website, and now to be actually enrolled for the June tele-class!
The Lord keeps opening the doors in such a unique way, so I keep stepping through! Thanks for your ministry!
Tom B. Bandy