Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who Keeps You On Your Toes?

Do you have someone special in your life who helps you with your goals and roles--whether it's a Prayer Partner, Accountability Partner, your spouse, children, or best friend? [If yes, let me know how you "do life together" and how you thank that person. If not, what is one thing you could do to invite a same-gender person to walk alongside you?] And how does God factor into keeping you alert to what he wants of you!?


brad johnson said...

this is in the physical realm, but I have a martial arts instructor in my church, who has become my trainer in Kung Fu. He keeps me on track through group classes and individual instruction.

Vicki said...

Living as a missionary, it has been difficult to find someone to help me in this area of my life. For many years, I was convinced that God was so jealous of my relationship with Him that He did not give me a close friend. I must be careful what I share with those in our ministries, both on the field and in supporting churches. In general, I have been privileged to share with another missionary wife, a visiting friend (as well as on furloughs and through letters, emails, and online), a pastor's wife, or my doctor. I have sought out several in our anchor organization but have not felt the loving concern or open feedback that is needed. I do understand because they are very busy dealing with varied and complex situations. Recently, I completed my Master's degree and in the two years of studies, my professors gave me a lot of positive and helpful input.

Through these 35 years as a missionary, God has taught me to turn to Him with every question and concern. I have done considerable pleading, guessing, and discovering through what does not work. I am grateful that He has lead me through my Bible reading and personal research.