Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For what are you most grateful?

Today, my gratitude is über-simple: That I finally just finished 9 months of project-managing the migration of our old sites to our new Word Press sites for www.info@LifePurposeCoachingCenters.com [front-end and also the back-end of 12 locked classrooms!] and for www.KatieBrazelton.com. It was really like bringing three sites (AKA 3 foreign bodies) together to live in harmony. This was preceded by two years of nearly full-time work to upgrade every single document and link, which gave me a great sense of fulfillment for the Lord. So...bottom line today, I'm extremely grateful that I survived and am alive. May our new Coaching-Students and our Alum thrive in this professionally polished environment, which is now definitely college-level curriculum! FOR WHAT ARE YOU MOST GRATEFUL TODAY, BIG OR SMALL, SPOKEN OR PRIVATELY CODED!

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